Goulds J5 Convertible (Deep or shallow) Well Jet Pump - 115/230V - 1/2 HP

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Goulds J5 Convertible (Deep or shallow) Well Jet Pump - 115/230V - 1/2 HP is available to buy in increments of 1
• Manufacturer: Goulds • Brand: Xylem • Type: Convertible (well adaptor needed, not included) • MPN: J5 • Horsepower: 1/2 HP • Dual Voltage: 115 / 230 V • Pressure Switch ( Included ): 30-50 Preset • Inlet / Outlet Pipe Connections: 1¼" NPT / 1" NPT

Standard Features of the Goulds J5 - J Series - Convertible Well Jet Pumps

The Goulds J Series convertible (shallow or deep) well jet pumps are specifically designed for the following uses: Homes, Cottages or Booster service

Additional Components Required:
• Shallow Well Package: Includes shallow well adapter, nozzle, venturi (diffuser), gasket, bolts and pipe plugs.
• Deep Well Package: Choose either a twin pipe or packer style.
• Twin pipe includes jet body, nozzle, venturi (diffuser) and foot valve.
• Packer includes packer body, nozzle, venturi (diffuser), and built-in check valve.
NOTE: Packer systems also require a packer adapter on the wellhead.
Deep well systems require a pressure control valve.
• Pressure tank required on all systems.

Compact: Design has an integral shallow well adapter built into the casing, which eliminates the need for a separate shallow well adapter

• Back pullout design allows disassembly of pump for service without disturbing piping
• Two compartment motor for easy access to motor wiring and replaceable components
• Nozzle clean out plug in pump case
• Corrosion resistant, engineered plastic tubing and fittings are easily removed for cleaning
• Premium O-ring design fittings need only be hand tight to seal

• F.D.A. compliant, glass filled Noryl®. Corrosion and abrasion resistant

Diffuser (Guidevane):
• Bolt down diffuser provides positive alignment with impeller
• Diffuser also has stainless wear ring for extended performance in abrasive conditions.
• F.D.A. compliant, injection molded, food grade, glass filled Lexan® for durability and abrasion resistance

Tubing and Fittings:
• F.D.A. compliant engineered plastic is corrosion and U.V. resistant

Motor Powered for Continuous Operation:
• Pump ratings are within the motor manufacturer’s recommended working limits
• Can be operated continuously without damage

Corrosion Resistant:
• Electro-coated paint process is applied inside and out, then baked on

Protected Mechanical Seal:
• Special diaphragm design retains water in the casing at all times to ensure the mechanical seal can never run dry

Excellent Air Handling Ability:
• After initial priming the pump has the ability to re-prime itself even when air gets into the system.
• Pumping resumes once the water level rises above the foot valve

Standard J+ Series Jet Pump Specifications Pump
• Pipe connections: 1¼” NPT suction and 1” NPT discharge
• Pressure switch: AS4 preset (30-50 PSI)
• Maximum temperature: 140ºF

• NEMA standard
• 60 Hz
• 115/230 V capacitor start
• Single phase
• 3450 RPM
• Built-in overload with automatic reset
• Stainless steel shaft
• Rotation: clockwise when viewed from motor end
• UL778 listed

More Information
Multi-Stage Pump No
Horsepower Rated 1/2 hp
Pump Type Jet Pumps
Voltage 115 / 230 Volts
Brand Goulds
Featured Product Yes
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