Nelsen Water Solutions AIO system (Air injection oxidation) w/Katalox for removal of Iron, Sulfur, Arsenic, Heavy Metals and more - 1.25 cut

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• Manufacturer: Nelson Water Solutions 
• Media Type: Katalox-Light
• Removes: Iron, hydrogen sulfide, manganese, arsenic and heavy metals
• Media lasts typicaly 7-10 years
• Approximate Weight 90 lbs
• Dimensions: 10" x 55"
• Filtration of sand, odor, sediment and suspended solids, down to 3 micron

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Does your water smell like rotten eggs? Do your sinks & toilets have orange staining? Arsenic or metals way to high? The Nelsen Water Solutions (NWS) Signature Series AIO® Air Injection Oxidation Filter System may be the answer to your water problems. The NWS Signature Series AIO, as a single tank system, is an efficient and cost effective solution.

The Nelsen Water Treatment Solutions AIO Reduction System with Control Flow Technology comprises a 10" x 54" black polyglass mineral tank, base media, 1-1/4 cubic foot of Katalox-Light® media, and a bypass valve.

Plumbing adapters need to be selected separately. The system has an optional tank jacket.

The Katalox-Light® structure is designed with minimal pressure loss, offering high service and flow rates, as well as high bed loadings, coupled with reduced backwash frequency. The Katalox-Light® System effectively removes arsenic, iron, manganese, H2S, and other metals without the need for potassium permanganate (KMnO4) or chlorine. Katalox-Light® filters can operate at a flow rate of 12 gmp/sq. ft (30 m/h) with a single pressure vessel, requiring only 5-10 minutes of backwash time at a flow rate of 5.5 gpm/sq. ft (13 m/h).

Air systems can vary significantly, and the Nelsen Water Solutions Signature Series AIO stands out with its exclusive patented process. Unlike most systems that forcefully expel air pockets during regeneration, potentially causing plumbing damage and excessive noise, our patented method gradually releases air pockets before introducing a fresh supply. Moreover, our system intelligently delays regeneration and air release when water is in use, ensuring a controlled process. Competitive systems may face limitations in releasing air during water use or release it abruptly after water flow stops. Consult your Professional Water Treatment Dealer for insights into the key benefits of the NWS Signature Series AIO with Control Flow Technology.

Effectively eliminates Iron and Sulfur The Signature Series AIO, equipped with Control Flow Technology, harnesses nature's oxidation process to remove Iron, Manganese, and Sulfur—naturally occurring elements. This system maintains an "air pocket" at the tank's top during operation, allowing water to pass through and oxidize these elements. The NWS AIO media bed then filters out the oxidized Iron, Manganese, and Sulfur, while also infusing dissolved oxygen into the water.

Capable of removing up to 7 ppm Iron and up to 8 ppm Sulfur, the AIO System undergoes a daily backwash to clear accumulated Iron and re-oxidize the filter media bed. This regeneration process introduces a fresh air pocket to the system.

By mitigating the buildup of Iron and Sulfur in your water, the AIO System extends the lifespan of your appliances. Appliances using Iron-laden water, like hot water heaters, dishwashers, or clothes washers, operate more efficiently and endure less wear and tear when supplied with treated water.

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