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HYDRO GUARD C2000 COUNTER TOP WATER SYSTEM - SUPER ULTRA FILTRATION - 0.1 Micron, WHITE is available to buy in increments of 1

• Manufacturer: Hydro Guard
• Filter Set: Hydro Guard Total Care Water System
• 0.01 Micron filtration 
• Excellent Contaminant Reduction (cysts, heavy metals, pesticides, chlorine)
• 800 Gallon Capacity 
• Bacterial Removal 
• End of Life Indicator 
• Quick and Easy Install
• Micronban® Antimicrobial Protection 

• STAGE ONE: HDG-SED5 ( Sediment Filter )
• STAGE TWO: HDF-UF ( Ultra filtration Filter )

Hydro Guard Total Care Water System
Designed as a high performance system to offer total care water filtration. 
The Hydro Guard C2000 Ultra Filtration system will adress a broad range of issues regarding you drinnking water: taste, odor, chlorine, as well as health related items such as bacteria, cysts, heavy metals, pesticides, chlroine and chloroform and more.

is a specially manufactured high performance sediment filter designed to provide high dirt holding capacity, reduce sediment and rust particles and extend the life of additional filters. Its micro-fine web design traps more particles and helps keep other filters in the filtration system working at optimal performance.

CARTRIDGE 2 - HDF-UF (Stage 1)
Hydro Guard's radial flow filtration allows water to enter the cartridge through the radius of the filter allowing the filters outer layer to trap and retain larger particles such as dirt, rust and sediment. The FDA CFR 21 compliant fine web polypropylene fibers do not impart color, odor or chemicals into the water and are an ideal-filtration media.

CARTRIDGE 2 - HDF-UF (Stage 2)
After water passes through the outer layer it then enters and passes through the NSF Certfied Coconut Shell Solid Carbon Block filter to reduce items of health concern. The carbon block micro-stain the water through its 0.5 micron pores to trap micro-organisms and cysts. The carbon blocks Chemisorptive process also allows it to effectively reduces Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's), PCB's, certain heavy metals such as Lead, Pesticides, Herbicides, Chloroform and other chlorination by-products.

CARTRIDGE 2 - HDF-UF (Stage 3) In the final filtration process water passes through an array of sophisticated 0.01 - 0.1 micron ultra filtration hollow fibers for the final effective removal of Bacteria, Viruses and Cysts.

Suspended particles and materials of high molecular weight are unable to pass through the 0.01 - 0.1 micron UF membrane, allowing only fresh clean water and dissolved minerals to pass through.


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Micron Rating 0.1 Micron
Filter Improves / Removes Bacteria, Chlorine, Cysts, Lead, Odor, Sediment / Particles, Taste, VOCs
Brand Hydronix
Featured Product No
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