Munro Complete PRO - CP3005B - Centrifugal Irrigation Pump - 5.0 HP

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Munro Complete PRO - CP3005B - Centrifugal Irrigation Pump - 5.0 HP is available to buy in increments of 1

• Manufacturer: Munro
• Series: Complete PRO
• MPN: CP3005B
• Impeller Material: Brass Impeller
• Horsepower: 5 HP
• Voltage: 208 / 230 Volt
• Pipe Connections: 3" Inlet / Outles 
• Suction Lift: 15-20 feet depending on elevation 
• Optimum Flow Rate: 50 to 140 GPM
• Maximum Shut Off Pressure: 75 psi

About the Munro CP3005B Series Centrifugal Irrigation Pump
• The Munro centrifugal irrigation pumps are designed specifically for your sprinkler irrigation system.
• This is a self-priming pump that will provides outstanding performance to horsepower ratio.
• Munro Pumps are heavy duty workhorse that offer high-end features that other competitors only offer as pricey add-ons.
• Irrigation Professionals trust the Munro brand to deliver trouble-free performance.

Materials of Construction & Features Brass Impeller
• BRASS IMPELLER - Longest life and greatest durability. - Reduces costly maintenance vs plastic impellers.
• CAST IRON DIFFUSER - Assures durability for the life of the pump.
• CAST IRON CONSTRUCTION - Designed for long term performance. - No plastic case to warp or crack.
• STAINLESS STEEL WEAR RING - Reduces springtime oxidation and impeller friction.
• STAINLESS STEEL BOLTS - No more “busting knuckles” to remove bolts during maintenance.
• SILICA CARBINE SEAL - Proven toughness stands up to less than ideal conditions
• STEEL BASE PLATE - Easiest, most stable mounting, with four handy bolt holes.

Additional Features
• BUILT-IN PRIMING & DRAIN PORTS - Added start-up and maintenance convenience, no extra parts to buy.
• SENSOR PORT - Allows temperature monitoring to avoid costly maintenance issue.

Common Applications for the LP Series Pumps
• Residential Turf Irrigation: Drawing water from ponds, lakes, streams, cisterns and shallow wells
• Booster: Boost domestic water pressure for use in irrigation
• Water Transfer Systems

Top Advantages Over the Competitors
1) Durable & Long Lasting – While many centrifugal turf irrigation pumps are made out of plastic impellers, which wears down and warps, Munro LP Pumps are made with cast iron construction and a brass impeller. This means Munro self-priming pumps are built to stand the test of time, even in difficult environments. Testing in tough conditions shows Munro LP series pumps last up to four times as long as typical competitors products.
2) Industry Leading Performance – The proof is in the pump curves. In many cases a lower horsepower Munro LP pump will meet the same GPM performance that you’d expect to see only in higher horsepower pumps. With greater starting torque and an efficient run cycle, Munro pumps truly lead the pack.
3) Easy to install and maintain – With two priming ports and a durable steel base plate, installing a Munro LP Series is a snap. When it’s time to maintain or winterize the pump, you’ll love our two drain valves. A stainless steel wear ring reduces oxidation and friction, minimizing wear and repairs. If you do have to service the pump, stainless steel bolts and a dry-socket design provide easy access.

About Munro Company

Located in Grand Junction, Colorado - USA Munro engineers and manufactures their products to outperform, outlast, their competitors. Munro designs all products to used the highest quality parts & innovation that solve problems.
More Information
Horsepower Rated 5 hp
Pump Type Irrigation Pumps
Voltage 208 - 230 Volts
Brand Munro
Featured Product No
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