Resilience E-series – Revolutionary in-line salt chlorinator for pools - E40 series

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Resilience E is a safe, economical, natural and environment friendly disinfection and sanitation system for swimming pools. No negative side effects associated with traditional chlorine, easy to operate and sanitation process is continuous. Easy to operate all-in-one chlorinator. Maximum Pool Size: 40,000 gallons 

Resilience pool chlorinator

Welcome to the Resilience family! You are now the proud owner of Resilience E - the very first "all in one" salt system.

Resilience E's unique design simplifies its installation and maintenance leaving you more time to enjoy your pool rather than maintain it. This unique salt system uses a very low concentration of salt (less than the concentration of a human teardrop) and converts it into free chlorine that destroys algae and bacteria in the pool. Once the algae and bacteria are destroyed, the chlorine reverts back into salt. This purification cycle continues eliminating the need to add extra sanitizing chemicals.


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