Point-of-Use TAC Salt-Free Scale Prevention and Hard Water Conditioner

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Point-of-Use TAC Salt-Free Scale Prevention and Hard Water Conditioner is available to buy in increments of 1
• Manufacturer: Supreme Water Sales • Model: SWS-TAC • Flow Rate: 6 GPM • Scale Prevention Cartridge good for 3 years. • Pipe Connection Sizes: 3/4” MNPT • Dimensions: 8" x 24" • Saves space, doens't require any floor space

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Introducing the Supreme Water Sales easy and convenient TAC (template assisted Crystalization) unit for salt-free water conditioning, now conveniently available in a cartridge-based format. Delivering its advanced technology to our point-of-use units designed specifically for low-flow applications, all at an affordable price point. Featuring user-friendly quick-connect 3/4" fittings, the installation process for these treatment systems is not only straightforward but also highly efficient.

Crafted to protect investments in both tankless and traditional tank-type water heaters, our compact hard water conditioners are strategically positioned on the hot water line just before the water heaters. If your home's flow rate remains below 6 gallons per minute (perfect for small homes or cabins), our largest model is designed to cater to your entire household's needs.

While maintenance for the tank-based units is already hassle-free, our point-of-use units take it a step further by presenting the TAC media in an easily manageable up-flow cartridge shell. These shells come equipped with a built-in sediment filter and should be replaced every 3 years. The inclusion of on/off valves on the unit ensures that isolation and cartridge replacement are as straightforward as possible.



  • Enhanced Power! While the media is a crucial element in the system, it contributes significantly to the overall costs. In contrast to numerous competitors who cut costs by reducing media volume, we offer an additional 15% more media. This leads to improved performance and a longer operational life.

  • Components validated by third parties, offering assurance regarding material safety and structural integrity for your peace of mind.
  • No Salt
  • No electricity
  • No backwashing
  • No wasted water 
  • Last 3 years - saving you dozens of bags of salt! 
  • Saves space, doens't require any floor space

Included Accessories

- heavy-duty powder-coated mounting bracket
- spanner wrench
- inlet and outlet shut-off valves
- pressure relief button
- TAC filter cartridge
- built-in sediment filter
- instruction manual


These units come standard with 3/4" John Guest quick-connect fittings for the inlet and outlet. These allow for quick and easy connections to both copper and PEX piping, saving you costs on installation. If the piping in your home is larger or smaller than 3/4", you will require basic couplers to expand or reduce to these connectors. These are readily available at any hardware store.

The TAC conditioner is designed to be installed after any treatment for removal of iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide, sediment, and chlorine, but before a UV disinfection system and before a chlorinator (if equipped). Polyphosphate feeders should never be placed before a TAC conditioner. TAC treatment should also be done prior to any water heating equipment.


More Information
Flow Rate (GPM) 6 GPM
OneFlow System Type In Line System
Brand Supreme Water Sales
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