Empty Refillable Water Filter Cartridges - Clear - 2-1/2 x 20 - RC-C-20-50

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Empty refillable filters are a great way to make your own filters that utilizing a wide range of media and resin • Filter Type: Empty Refillable Canister / Filter • Dimensions: 2-1/2" x 20" • Filter Housing: Fit a Standard 20" Filter Housings • Color: Clear • Approx Volume of Media: 98 cubic inches • Includes: Foam Pad - Rated for 50 Micron Minimum Order Quantity 12 Filters
Do you want to SAVE MONEY on expensive media type filters? Empty refillable canister filters are a great way to make your own filters using a wide range of media (IE: GAC carbon, polyphosphate, calcite, Water Softening Resin, Anti-Scale) Specification of Refillable Canisters • Low cost and reusable • Made with FDA approved food grade polypropylene. • Includes foam pad • Refillable Filter Canisters are often used with granular activated carbon, DI resin, mixed bed ion exchange resins, or water softening media, and calcite • Filter Cartridges come with built-in filter to keep the media from being washed out of the filter cartridge
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GPM Flow Rate 1-50
Approx Filter Size / Type 2-3/4" x 20"
Brand Watts Water
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