Flow Max Filters Outlast The Rest and Cost Less Too

Shop at Supreme Water Sales for high-quality Flow Max Filters with greater sediment removal, longer life, higher flow, and reduced filtration costs.

Why Use Flow Max Filters?

Flow Max Filters outperform spun, wound, resin bonded, melt blown, and similar types of depth filter elements, and they also last longer. This is due to its pleated cartridges that provide an increased surface area. Another significant advantage of using Flow Max Cartridges is the lower pressure drop, which helps increase flow rates. Flow Max Cartridges reduce equipment costs by using smaller filter housing, are washable and reusable, and cost less for replacements. In addition, these high-performance filters provide depth filtration with greater sediment removal.

Get Your Flow Max Filters From A Trusted Source

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FlowMax Jumbo Filters

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