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While common around nightclubs and great for tanning at the beach, surprisingly, Ultraviolet (UV) light is one of the best ways to kill harmful germs in your water. In fact, UV light is one of the safest, cleanest, and most easy-to-maintain methods of ensuring that your water is bacteria-free. Just like sunlight, UV purification uses UV rays to fry microorganisms that may be in the water. These systems are highly efficient and can destroy 99.99% of harmful organisms without adding chemicals or changing your water's taste or odor.

Used safely for decades, these filters have proven to be a quick, reliable, and cost-effective method of disinfecting water for both points of use and point of entry. They are environmentally friendly and generally require a lot less maintenance than traditional filters. In fact, most ultraviolet water treatment systems require only an annual lamp change – as simple as changing a light bulb – and a periodic change of the filter cartridge.

Even better, they can be added as a standalone purification system or added to most other activated carbon-based or reverse osmosis systems in just minutes. With the latest KingLight, Watts, Luminor, and Pentek UV filters in stock, Water Filter Shop UK is the ultimate place to buy your UV filter at our everyday low prices. Call or email us today, and we'll help you pick the perfect filter for all your unique needs.

Why Do You Need a UV Water System?

If you're searching for a quick and efficient way of disinfecting your water supply, allowing you access to safe drinking water, UV water filters are the ideal choice to make. Easy-to-install, use and service, they have several benefits over chemical and other types of filtration systems – creating a supply of healthy drinking water for your home.

Here at Supreme Water Sales, we have a complete range of Ultraviolet Disinfection Units suitable for a wide range of applications. Standard products can be supplied as single units or as part of a complete water treatment system – so whether you're looking to fit out a kitchen, bathroom, washroom, or multiple water sources, you can feel rest assured that we have everything you need amongst our range.

UV Systems kill Protozoa Cysts (Cryptosporidium, Giardia lamblia), bacteria (Cholera, E Coli, Legionella Pneumophila, Salmonella), viruses (Hepatitis A, Polio, Rota), and parasites. Additionally, they are eco-friendly and economical since our systems make no contact with toxic chemicals, don't create harmful disinfection by-products, have a very small footprint, don't need storage for chemicals, and only need minimal maintenance! 

UV Light Disinfection Ensures Maximum Protection, Safety, and Savings

What Is UV Water Purification?

UV sterilization is a simple and rapid physical process that causes molecular rearrangement of the genetic material within microorganisms that may be present in water. Microbial contamination from sources of water such as wells, lakes, and rivers can bring harmful organisms into our drinking water. This could lead to serious illness and even death.
How Does UV Disinfection Work?
UV light is generated by a special lamp. When water containing harmful organisms is exposed to UV light, the UV light disrupts their genetic DNA material. This quickly inactivates microorganisms by destroying their ability to multiply and infect. The effectiveness of the disinfection depends on the UV dose level delivered. Different  organisms require different UV dose levels to be inactivated. The dose produced can easily be set to suit the target organism(s) by adjusting the UV system’s flow rate.
What Does UV Systems Kill?
UV Systems
• Protozoa Cysts 
(Cryptosporidium, Giardia lamblia)
• Bacteria (Cholera, E Coli, Legionella Pneumophila, Salmonella)
• Viruses (Hepatitis A, Polio, Rota)
• Parasites
YES...UV Systems Eco-Friendly
• UV systems makes no contact with toxic chemicals
• No creation of harmful disinfection by-products
YES...UV Systems Economical
• Small footprint as no holding tank is needed
• No storage of chemicals needed
• Lamp replacement only required once per year
• Minimal maintenance due to no moving parts

UV Systems

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