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TIP: Check to see what you irrigation controller requires for both signal amps & volts. Match the pump start relay output voltage ( Line ) to the pumps voltage.
Normally a lawn controller is used to signal a start/stop cycle for an irrigation system. This controller signals valves to open or close to direct water flow into a particular pipeline, or zone, in an irrigation system. When a pump is present in the system, a lawn controller’s start/stop signal is also received by a Pump Start Relay (PSR). This PSR interacts with the incoming signal and the power going to a pump, allowing it to follow the same start/stop pattern.

A lawn controller is the most common way to signal a pump start relay. Other signal devices may also be used, including float switches, pressure switches, and toggle switches.

Each start/stop signal will send a specific signal voltage. Most lawn controllers emit 24v signals, while other signal devices often send higher voltage signals. The signal receiver, or coil, of the electrical contactor inside the PSR must match the signal voltage so it will engage the contactor. Once engaged, power is allowed to flow from the breaker box to the pump motor. When the lawn controller no longer sends the signal, the contactor is no longer engaged and the power flow to the pump motor is stopped.

Pump start controls range from a very simple pump start relay to devices that also offer pump protection to shut the pump down before it is damaged. More complex controls may start and stop multiple pumps, accept signals from multiple devices, or maintain constant pressure.

• Safe Reduced External Amperage – All control power leaving a Munro box is low amperage rated so that risk to people or pets is minimized.
• UL Listed – Every single component used is tested, approved and certified by Underwriter’s Laboratory to assure safe operation.
• Built tough – UL-50 Type 3R control enclosures are designed to provide protection – available in both Stainless Steel and Powder Coated Steel – to last in all environments.
• Easy to install and maintain – Color coded wire leads make wiring Munro boxes a simple process.

Pump Start Relays

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