Watts OneFlow Media Replacement

The Watts Oneflow media replacement conditions hot and cold water while protecting external and internal plumbing surfaces. This helps extend equipment life by transforming hard dissolved minerals into inactive, harmless microscopic particles.

Protection Against Internal Plumbing Surface Scale

The OneFlow media replacement is an anti-scale system that provides protection against internal plumbing surface scale formation. Install this system at a building’s point-of-entry to treat hot water and cold water or place it before a boiler, water heater, or any hot water device requiring protection from hard water effects. By transforming dissolved mineral hardness into inactive harmless microscopic crystal particles, the OneFlow prevents scale. These crystals are suspended in water and pass to drain, greatly reducing the ability to negatively react as dissolved hardness does. The system doesn’t require much maintenance, salt, backwashing, or electricity.

No More Build-Up Scale

Get a Watts Oneflow media replacement, and you no longer have to worry about build-up scale in pipes, boilers, water heaters, or on fixtures.

OneFlow Anti-Scale Replacement Media

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