Supreme Water Softener - High Efficiency Water Softener - w/ Fleck 5800 SXT Control Valve - Catalytic Carbon Filter System 0.75 cuft - 24,000 Grain

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Display: Digital w/ Large LCD Screen
Control Valve: Fleck 5800 SXT
Metered Regeneration: Yes
Tank Diameter: 8 inches
Inlet/Outlet Connections: 1" MNPT
Drain Connection: 1/2" FNPT
Replacement Media: Purolite C100E Water Softener Resin
Typical Media Life: 5 Years
Maximum Hardness: 75 grains per gallon (770 mg/l)
Fleck 5800SXT control valve: 5 Years*
Media tanks up to 13” in Diameter: 10 Years
Media tanks 14” and Greater in Diameter: 5 Years

*Note: Pistons and piston seals are considered wear and tear items and require regularly scheduled maintenance and replacement.

Cost-effective and extremely efficient, the water softeners showcase the sturdy Fleck 5800 SXT digital control valve, which can reduce salt consumption by up to 50%!

Water softeners flood the market, yet only a handful are genuinely engineered and programmed for utmost efficiency. Our 5800SXT Series Water Softener systems were meticulously crafted by Certified Water Technicians to optimize salt usage, slash operational expenses, and offer an eco-conscious water softening remedy. What's more, enjoying the efficiency of our water softeners won't dig deeper into your pockets – our softeners are priced comparably to our competitors' low-efficiency setups!

  • Bid farewell to hard water buildup and effectively eliminate traces of dissolved iron and manganese
  • Incorporates intelligent valve technology and metered regeneration to curtail water and salt consumption
  • Features budget-friendly, durable media (lasting 5 to 10 years)
  • Automated, straightforward regeneration maintains media cleanliness and peak performance
  • Effortless operation without the need for daily maintenance
  • Equipped with a reputable digital control valve (Fleck 5800SXT) boasting user-friendly programming and operation
  • Includes water consumption data tracking
  • Backed by an impressive warranty (5 years on the control valve, 10 years on the tank)
  • Bypass included


Water hardness contributes to unsightly spots on dishes and glass shower doors, leads to mineral accumulation in appliances, faucets, and showerheads, diminishes the effectiveness of soaps and detergents, and often leaves laundry lackluster while making skin and hair dry and lifeless. Additionally, hard water scale takes a toll on the longevity and efficiency of water heaters, which are among the highest energy consumers in homes.

Iron and manganese compounds are responsible for stains in tubs, toilets, dishwashers, and other appliances, causing laundry to appear stained and faded. They also introduce an undesirable taste and lead to discoloration.

Smart technology to achieve salt efficiency...

All Supreme Water systems are meticulously engineered and pre-configured to guarantee optimal performance and salt utilization.

Similar to other water softeners, our systems are programmed for automatic backwashing and periodic regeneration to expel trapped sediments and particles and rejuvenate media capacity.

The Fleck 5800 SXT digital control valve manages this process and is typically set to occur during the night (adjustable) when water usage is minimal. The system employs an advanced controller that calculates the best regeneration time based on system capacity, water consumption patterns, usage, and contaminant levels. Frequently, our customers have made the switch from older water softeners to a our system and managed to cut down their salt consumption by over 50%!

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